Freelance Manager Features

When developed. The end user was in mind. Therefor we have created a wholistic not just appealing solution but that which would best fit your needs!

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The main features are:

Responsive Layout...

Both admin and client area are responsive


Client Management

You can easily add, edit, and manipulate client profile information as well as track all related projects, invoices, and work flow approval queues

Project Management

You can manage all aspects of the project, from progress, cost, parameters, completion timeline, project manager, etc.

Work flow Approval System

When a staff member or project manager has completed a task or revision for a client, the “submission” is sent to the client for review.

File Upload Tool

You can associate uploads with a project submission

Project Submissions

Project Submissions are also known as drafts, concepts, or revisions. .

Task (To-Do) Feature

Project Managers or Staff members can create tasks to complete based on a specific project

Time-Billing Tool

Extend the menu options available for more flexible navigation of your website with easy to add footer menus.

Invoicing Feature

Make your website look more professional, by adding banners showing off your products and services. These can be linked to the relevant pages making it very easy for your customer to navigate to the correct section.

Payment Gateway Integration

This feature enables your team create records based on a client, a project, or a specific task.

Support Ticket System

The system features full priority management, ticket assignments, and results tracking.

Messaging System

Clients can send messages to staff members, providing the company with a nice way to track communication

Staff Management

You have flexibility over the permissions of each staff member, for added security

Powerful Reports

We have developed a powerful and comprehensive reporting solution

Smart Event Calendar

Event calendar that shows outstanding invoices, projects and tasks based on current/selected month/year

Database Backup/Restore

Built in backup/restore feature for backing up and restoring entire database

Visual Form Builder

Create beautiful forms using easy drag/drop form builder. Forms could be used for providing different quotes to your clients, contact or anything else

Visual Estimator Builder

Create estimate/quote forms in just a few minutes